Run your community in one place

  • Connect your community apps.

    Meetup, Slack, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn and many more.

  • Build one view of your community.

    Contacts, Groups, Events, Hosts, Analytics and more

  • Automate and scale your experience.

    Host Onboarding, New Members, Landing Pages

Connect the apps that power your community

Base connects the community apps you already use so you can focus on connecting humans.

Manage all your community data in one place

Gain visibility and control of your community data in one place, rather than going to 6 different apps to mine it.

Create the automations that put your community on autopilot

Chapter formation, new host onboarding, member welcome experience. Create the interactions that add value to your community and Base will run them for you.

Own your community's brand and experience

Build community pages that bring your community features, data and interactions to life under your own brand.

Review your analytics to see how your community is performing

You can use analytics to see your community performance, understand how to improve engagement, and create reports for your manager or clients.